Rental Lease Agreement California – Rent And Utilities

To be in a haste to enter into a rental lease agreement California – that is an error that is often committed. By all means, take your time in this search because you are putting in money and seeking the best comfort for your family.

Rental Lease Agreement California: Third Largest State
Even if there are many who want to live in California, there’s always a place for everybody. California is the third largest state in terms of size, after Alaska and Texas. And if California were a country, it will be the 59th largest country in the world. My advice is: take your time in this search.

Rental Lease Agreement California: Rent And Utilities
Expect rent fees to be higher in California except probably for Central Valley which is the most impoverished area in the state. I am not going to mention specific prices here because it all depends on the quality of the unit, the kind of neighborhood where the unit is located, the accessibility of important institutions and basic services, and the utilities or amenities in the unit.
You should understand what are the good points and the shortcomings of a unit. This can help you in determining whether the rent is reason or decide whether to rent. The quality of rental units and utilities can differ greatly.
Here’s how to investigate on rent and utilities.
• Check with the owner who is going to pay for the utilities (water, trash collection electric, and gas). If possible, find out how much did the previous occupant pay for these utilities.
Depending on the agreement, you will pay monthly either for all utilities or only for some of them. Energy costs are high these days, so you need to also inquire on the energy efficiency of the appliances and the rental unit.
• If there’s a yard and the unit is a duplex, you better ask the owner who is going to take care of the lawn or the yard. If he will say it’s you, ask him if he’s going to provide the necessary yard equipment – hose, lawn grass cutter, water sprinkler, etc.
• Check if there is a need for repair. There are laws about rental unit repairs – and you can check there if it is the owner that is responsible for the repair. If the law says it is his responsibility, ask him when he is going to do the repairs.
With rental unit repairs, you need to document every agreement between you and the owner. Take pictures, videos, and have a written description of the damaged part in the unit. Documentation can help a lot during disagreement with the owner.

First Impression About The Landlord
When you inspect the unit with the owner, observe the owner’s attitude to you as well. Check out how he responds to your questions and requests. Remember, this isn’t the simple rental type that you are applying for –this is a LEASE so it’s going to be a long owner-renter relationship. It is required of you to be more careful to enter into a rental lease agreement California.